Give your child competitive excitement, tangible goals, and the opportunity to stand out through victory. It proves that you are smart and capable enough to bring to life your ideas through sheer dedication and have problem solving skills in the toughest scenarios.

As a member of the team, your child will work collaboratively with other school aged children to build, program and use a robot in competitive settings. Your child will be given a designated role and responsibility as part of the bigger team to successfully create the product.

Our expert coaches of international repute will guide the team, help with administrative needs and ensure that projects are carried out safely.

Over the years our teams have won many International Robotics Competitions and made India proud. Many have entered top colleges across the world. They could prove to the selection committee that they are the good in planning, prototyping, coding, mechanics, execution, testing and multidisciplinary applications.

World Robot Olympiad

WRO, founded by USA non-profit organization, is an event for science, technology and education which brings together the young people all over the world to develop their creativity and problem-solving skills through challenging and educational robotics competitions. Today, over 70,000 youth age 7 through 25 participate in WRO local tournaments held in over 70-member countries.

Team of three students to participate and compete at the local and national level for the right to travel to the WRO International Final, which takes place in a different country each year. Participating teams need to create, design and build a robot model that look or behave like a human athlete.

World Robot Olympiad India (WRO India) is one of the largest Robotics competitions in India for students between the age group of 9 to 25 years, held since 2006.