Teach your child why and how the technology around them operates by learning to code and speaking to the machines around them. Coding helps children become confident problem solvers.

Just like English is used for communicating with humans across the world, learning coding (using block based and syntax-based approach) will teach them how to communicate with machines and automate processes which humans take more time to complete. Coding will build their logic, make them creative, improve their math skills and show how automation is applied in science, commerce, arts, medicine and engineering.

Scratch (7+)

Create stories, game and animations. Scratch is the first step to build logic of your child for solving real-world problems. All you need to do is to logically move the blocks around. It is super friendly and fun to work with.

Scratch is used as the foundation for difficult programming languages. As your child gains command in Scratch, it will be used for coding Robots.

Python (12+)

Teach your child to communicate with machines as adults do. They will be able to logically automate laborious tasks and develop games.

Python is presently one of the most popular programming languages in the world. Applications such as Instagram, Google, Dropbox and Battlefield 2 use Python extensively.

All future applications that will have any element of AI will be built on Python as the amount of code required to be written is far less than other languages such as C++, Java, etc.