Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence


AI is for everyone. It is currently leading world economies. Media coverage and public discussion about AI is almost impossible to avoid. According to World Economic Forum, machines are going to take over most jobs we know and 60% of the school kids will work in jobs which do not exist today.

Pause. Think. What is your child preparing for?

AI revolution is in an early stage, so is your child. By training the AI to perform tasks in complex environments without constant guidance by a human your child will become a and excellent and lifelong learner and will be able to keep pace with the transitions in jobs and the skillset. Your child will be able to connect school subjects and beyond to the rapidly changing times, develop a better personal context and become effective creators, users, trouble-shooters, managers or AI entrepreneurs in their chosen field.

We use Python, the world’s most trending programming language, for minds like Alexa or humanoids like Sophia. In the Summer of 2019, we have trained 400+ school-teachers and students in India on this subject.

AI Courses (14+)

Using Python as the underlying programming language teach your child hands-on AI.

Our courses are designed to understand various AI libraries such as Scikit-learn, TensorFlow and Keras to make classification systems for predicting outcomes, regression systems for forecasting values, time-series analysis, neural networks and deep learning. Your child is also introduced Natural Language Processing, to work with chatbots and interactive systems like Alexa.

AI + Robotics (14+)

Realize your child full potential as digital citizens and leader’s tomorrow by providing stimulating real-world experiences with more flexibility of EV3, Python and Artificial Intelligence.

Giving tangible machines powers like humans, always give children immense joy, pride and sense of achievement. As your child provides vision, speech, and ears to the robots and get involved in building interactive seamless projects such as the capabilities of Sophia, they boost their skills such as such as critical thinking, logic building, problem-solving and creativity.

This bridge course is recommended for students who wish to explore or study Mechatronics and related disciplines of engineering in College. Whereas, for others it gives them a whole new perspective on how robots are used in different subjects, disciplines and industry sectors and make our human life more productive.

AI Personal Project (14+)

Teach your child connections between their topics of interest, the real world and Artificial Intelligence, beyond normal subjects. Still at School, some of our students, for example, have explored, implemented and completed their Pulsar Stars, Galaxies, Heart Diseases, Psychometric Tests, Stream Selector for class 11th, Sarcasm and Sentiments in Conversations, Automatic Poetry, Loan Eligibility, Laptop Advisor, App Recommender, Video Organizer, Gene Expression Monitoring, United States Permanent Residency Eligibility Predictor.